Saturday, February 27, 2010

Last minute announcement -- Woolen Men are playing tonight with Wild Yaks from Brooklyn and our buds Whale Warrior. The show is at Mudai Lounge, the bar upstairs from Mudai restaurant on NE 8th and Broadway, purveyors of fine Ethiopian cuisine, or so I've heard. Show is free happens at 9. Woolen Men have a new tape, which is blue.

Monday, February 22, 2010

GOOD GRIEF! Things are piling up around here. First, Tapefest is this Thursday at Holocene. It is not to be missed! Hammer of Hathor, Pete Swanson, Mattress are all gonna play, plus a handful of labels representing including Eggy, Stunned and UHU. There is a suggested donation of 2 dollars.

Second, I was interviewed by some folks over at Wieden and Kennedy for a "TV" show about Portland music called Don't Move Here. The link is here (the movie starts playing right away, just so you know). It's a super nice show put together by Shayla Hason and Aaron Rose (of the ANP Quarterly), check out the one about Grouper and Valet.

Third, two new tapes by the end of the week, Woolen Men and Jovontaes. I will have them at Tapefest, along with those new Eggy t-shirts.

Fourth, today is the birthday of Luis Bunuel, my favorite director.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another nice write-up from the folks over at Cassette Gods here.
Check out the main site for a nice review of the latest Budwiser Sprite tape on OMS-B.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tapes are piling up! Here are some good ones! Stuff from Faux Pas and Fag Tapes
Pak - Creosote - Faux Pas Records
Pak - Creosote - Faux Pas Records
Wrecked. That's what this stuff is. Homemade electric junk lurking around after midnight. This tape rules. Pak's MO seems to be cassette tapes, vocals and a small pile of equipment with everything turned up all the way -- the sounds grind and lurch, then settle into a weird peace. Side B of this tape is really nice, grounded by a recurring almost-melody. I've already gotten my hands on two tapes by this lady, both of which are great, looking forward to hearing more. Art is silk-screened by Pak herself and is beautiful. $5. (PLACE AN ORDER)
Sam Gas Can cassingle - Faux Pas Records
Sam Gas Can - Presents DJ Selector Faux-Pas cassingle - Faux Pas
Another good looking tape from Faux Pas out of Holden, Mass. Perplexing and hilarious, don't want to give too much away about this tape. Liberal use of Neutral Milk Hotel samples and some bad-is-good sonics. Silk-screen job on these tapes is electric! $4. (PLACE AN ORDER)
Odd Clouds - Shamblers - Fag Tapes
Odd Clouds - Shamblers - Fag Tapes
If I didn't know anything about this group, it's be hard to tell what in the world was making some of the sounds on this tape. Side A starts with what could almost be the audio equivalent of a Pollock painting -- once you get into it, it's hard to have any sense of it's beginning or end or how long it's been going for, an ever-changing sea of sonic squiggles and blobs. The rest of the tape is more "conventional," but that isn't saying much. This kind of free-form, horn-based music inevitably ends up in the same skronk-zone (not always a bad thing), so it's great that Odd Clouds go in deeper, weirder directions. $6. (PLACE AN ORDER)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

eggy shirt grey

Eggy Records T-Shirts!
There are two colors in this first batch, ash and a strange pink/coral color that I think is really nice. Here's the thing, these ones are cheap, $5. I didn't do a stellar job on the printing -- there's a little bit of bleed, the ink is not super dark -- so know what $5 means. They look good, but they're not perfect. The next batch of shirts are yellow, green and blue. Hope to print those up in the near future. I'm guessing shipping will be about $3.

eggy shirt detail coral
Eggy shirt detail grey